In a lot of ways, it was almost inevitable. As the technology behind hidden cameras continued to advance, and as the price of these units continued to drop at roughly the same time, we’ve reached a point where they’re essentially a ubiquitous part of our lives. These days, for a hundred dollars (or less in many situations), you can get a powerful hidden camera that you can effortlessly conceal just about everywhere. More than that, hidden cameras also can be found in just about every “normal” item you can think of – from smoke detectors to lamps to USB wall outlet chargers, stuffed animals and so much more.

Husband & Wife

It’s important to note that hidden cameras do have a lot of totally legitimate uses – like if you suspect someone may be abusing an elderly relative, or if you want to make sure that everything is OK at home while you’re away on vacation. But all technology has a dark side, and hidden cameras are certainly no exception.

Case in point: It was recently revealed that one husband actually used an inexpensive hidden camera to spy on his wife without her permission for THREE full years. But curiously, the husband insists his motive was not sexual in any way. He just knew that secretly filming his wife would “annoy her,” which was his primary motivating factor.

The Husband, the Wife and the Hidden Camera

Originally, the husband said that he placed a hidden camera in the bedroom that he and his estranged wife shared because he assumed she was having an affair. He thought the camera would be one of the best ways to catch her in “the act.” But when he eventually retrieved the camera and reviewed the footage it had recorded, he realized that he was totally wrong. She wasn’t having an affair at all. She was just acting distant and cold because their relationship was deteriorating.

However, this didn’t exactly motivate him to stop. Far from it. Instead, he kept recording for another three years. When the wife found the camera, she checked the internal memory card and found 29 different videos of herself. Some were just a few seconds in length, while others totaled up to 40 minutes. She indicated that even before she found the camera, their marriage was “effectively over.” It’s safe to say that this particular discovery helped seal the deal.

This particular case eventually made its way all the way to Swansea Crown Court. During the proceedings, many of the clips were shown – heavily edited to protect the woman’s privacy, of course. Some even showed the husband actually installing the camera in the cabinet near the bed in the couple’s bedroom.
When the wife eventually confronted the husband about the camera, he said that he was “glad she found it” and that she had been irritating him long enough to the point where he wanted to do something to irritate her, too.
By all accounts, he succeeded.

Upon her discovery, the wife called the police – who immediately interviewed the man. To his credit, he admitted everything. He told them about how he was trying to catch her in an affair, which he didn’t, and how he continued filming because he knew it would annoy her, which it did. He passionately denied that there was any sexual motive for his behavior. Given the circumstances and all the evidence that had been presented, it seems like the court agreed. The prosecution eventually accepted this rather unique explanation and instead of fining him or sentencing him to jail for privacy violations, decided to give him probation instead.

During the court proceedings, the husband’s lawyer submitted five personal references on his behalf – all of whom indicated that he was a “kind-hearted, hard-working, well-liked man.” This no doubt helped him avoid a lengthy jail sentence for recording someone without their knowledge. No word on what those personal references actually had to say about the camera itself or the nature of the footage it collected.