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Can you
spot the 3
Neither could the Airbnb guests.
by Steve Salirmo
Spot Cameras
Scroll down to see where the camera's are hidden
Make Sure
Make sure your Airbnb host isn't enjoying your stay more than you are.
Checking for hidden cameras is now part of checking in.
See no evil?
Look again
Be on the lookout for some not so obvious places camera's can be hidden in:
  • Motion detectors pointed at beds
  • Smoke alarms not so subtly positioned right above beds
  • Alaram clocks next to beds
  • Bathrooms vanities
See no Evil
Be Sure
Be sure you're the only one with a view.
Here are 4 simple steps you can take to make sure your host isn't filming you
Check out the wifi
Take a look at all the devices that are listed on your host’s wifi. If you’re not sure what some are, try using an app like Net Analyzer or Fing to scan the network for IP cameras. Keep in mind, your host is allowed to have cameras on the premises, provided they tell you.
Unplug before you unpack
Since most cameras require an internet connection, one foolproof way of making sure you’re not being filmed is by simply unplugging the router. Easy-peasy. You won’t be able to binge watch your favorite shows, but hey, you’re on vacation, remember?
Shine a light
Use the flashlight on your smartphone to scan each room. It’s an easy way to look for glass glare from camera lenses and for recording lights (a dead giveaway).
Clean sweep
If you want to get a little more professional about it, there are detection devices that will bug sweep the premises. From MaQue Anti-Spy Bug Detector on the low end to something more sophisticated like Spy Hawk Pro Sweep.
If You See
If you see something
Say something to Airbnb

The overwhelming majority of hosts are terrific people who would never invade your privacy. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few peeping-toms out there looking to exploit the system.

Airbnb wants your help weeding out the bad apples. So should you discover a camera that you weren’t told about, contact Airbnb.

You’ll get a refund plus expenses, and your creepy host will get the boot off Airbnb.